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• 85% are between the ages of 25–64
• 51% are female, 49% male
• 94% are homeowners
• 60% are working on renovation projects
• 88% are pleased with the value they receive for the cost of admission
• 79% will talk to exhibitors to discuss specific projects
• 55% are planning to spend $500 – $10,000+ with an exhibitor within 6-12 months
• Average attendee income is $100,000+

*2014 Marketplace Events Canadian Home Show Benchmark Research

Reasons to Exhibit

  1. Shows are immediate and compelling: you can't change the channel or turn the page.
  2. Consumers are ready to buy.
  3. Audience is pre-qualified by the show.
  4. Shows produce far fewer lookers or unqualified buyers than any other form of advertising. If they are at a show they are ready to buy.
  5. Accomplish a multitude of objectives: immediate sales; quality leads; build brand awareness; sample product; set appointments; sell products.
  6. Shows are ideal for test marketing or launching new products. You get to watch immediate reactions.
  7. Shows are excellent at helping you stand out from your competition.
  8. Shows are very cost-effective. It is the show that makes a massive investment in marketing.
  9. Shows are the last remaining form of face-to-face marketing.
  10. Consumers can touch, see, hear and smell the products. It is the only form of marketing that engages all senses.

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The Ottawa Home & Garden Show has a proud 30+year tradition of providing an exciting and dynamic exhibition to consumers.

Show attendees look to us for ideas, information and inspiration when it comes to home improvements and we work hard to deliver. They also trust us as a reliable resource - you, your company and your product will benefit from the credibility the Show brings to your sales and marketing process.

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