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Serenity Landscaping is an Ottawa based company that specializes in quality craftsmanship, with having little negative impact on the environment, to better your living space. Our team will guide you through the design build process with an emphasis on quality, courtesy and professionalism.

Serenity Landscaping works with you to create your own unique living space, educating you on proper maintenance and care, allowing you to get the most out of your new living space. 

Garden #3: A Garden Feast

A Garden Feast is a whimsical outdoor dining room inspired by the rustic use of natural elements and spring colour. Stone, wood and water are masterfully combined to create a tranquil setting which invites you to linger and enjoy the details of this unique space.

Our goal was to create a natural outdoor living space which encourages relaxation and rejuvenation in a space where friends and family can meet to enjoy nature in its natural form. With the natural round logs used for the pergola, to the tranquil sound of the water flowing through the stone table top, all together creating a setting where one can sit back and block out all the distractions from everyday life, and be in the moment. 

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