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Available in a wide range of shape and colour combinations, Permacon's products will give your landscaping or masonry project the unique and distinctive character that you seek. Discover all that Permacon can do for you and create a landscape that matches your lifestyle, or give your house added flair and prestige with brick or stone cladding.

Housing the OAC North American R&D facility at its Montreal Headquarters, Permacon’s quest to continue to excel as one of the industries true Product Innovators never stops. Take the time to see all that is new for 2016 in the updated Permacon Catalogue or go online to to find your inspiration.

Garden #4- "Introspectum"

This garden design was created by the Algonquin College Horticultural Industries Class of 2016, as part of a term project for a group of fourth semester landscape design students. Presented by Permacon the garden design was created by students Eleni Scharf, Feighona Valencik, and Tara Mills. 

The garden was created to encourage mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and introspection. Each corner of the booth includes features that can be used as an aid for mindfulness or focused attention meditation by engaging the senses. The sight of vibrant flowers, the sound of running water, the texture of soft foliage and the smell of fragrant flowers. In one of the corners there is a feature to create the soothing sounds of water. By hearing sounds like water flowing, this draws the attention of the viewer to the feature and to the present moment. With a seating area surrounded by visually striking shrubs, scented bulbs, to encourage relaxation with an element of aromatherapy. In a world that’s constantly on the go, come visit the Introspectum Garden for a place to relax, reflect and introspect.

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