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The Horticultural Industries program at Algonquin College is designed for individuals who are interested in landscape design from conception to implementation. This two-year Ontario College Diploma program delivered in a compressed format over 16 months incorporates key aspects of the evolving horticultural industries including sustainable urban agriculture, green roof and living wall technology, nursery production and management and urban and rural landscape design, installation and maintenance. The program includes one mandatory cooperative education (Co-op) Work Term enabling students to gain valuable work experience and networks within industry.

Also at Algonquin is the Horticulture Technician Apprenticeship Program for those employed in the Horticulture Industry that wish to pursue their certification as a Red Seal Certified worker.

Garden #7: A Clean Walk

This garden design was created by the Horticultural Industries Class of 2016, as part of a term project for a group of fourth semester landscape design students. A design competition was held, presentations were given, and selections were made by their peers and several faculty members. The winning design this year is titled A Clean Walk. It was created by students Katja Gillmore, Quinn Stokes and Morgan Whitehead. The Garden is a celebration of the City of Ottawa as well as the 50th anniversary of Algonquin College. Two distinct ‘zones’ are used – A Xeric Garden inspired by urban elements of the City and a Rain Garden inspired by nature and elements of the Woodroffe Campus at Algonquin College. The Garden has been constructed by both the second semester Landscape Construction class and the 1st level Horticulure Apprenticeship students as a class project under the supervision of several faculty. The project was constructed using mostly locally purchased and/or donated product.

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