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           Garden 1 –  THE 4 ELEMENTS BY Les Entreprises Maréchal



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Les Entreprises Maréchal is proud to present it’s 2019 Living Landscape feature garden with its usual dedication to presenting high quality work.

Our inspiration comes from the four elements - EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER. These four elements were believed to be essential to life. Everything in the physical world was observed to have a combination of four principal qualities – hot, cold, dry and moist. A combination of hot and dry produced Fire, hot and wet resulted in Air, cold and dry gave Earth, and cold and wet combined to produce Water. Furthermore, these four elements combined to create life. 

Visit our garden and let yourself be immersed into the peacefulness of the 4 Elements.


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ABOUT Maréchal 

The company started in March 2000 as a college school project by François Maréchal, now employing
15 staff members year-round with up to 40 during peak periods. Maréchal is dedicated to providing a wide array of highly personalized quality services, which ensures complete customer satisfaction
– allowing them to stand out from their competitors.

Also contributing to Maréchal’s success is a pool of skilled and competent staff, many of whom have been with the firm since the outset. While working in your home or yard, Maréchal’s professional staff will always preserve its integrity and cleanliness and be attentive to your needs. Maréchal only deals with top-notch sub-contractors, when needed, and still maintains the best quality-price ratio on the market. Do not hesitate to call upon Maréchal’s for all your residential projects, small or big. Let Maréchal takes care of everything so you can relax!


Office/General Inquiry: 819-772-4443



Facebook: Les Entreprises Maréchal 

Garden 2 –  amelia's retreat BY GROW GREEN landscaping and construction


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Amelia’s Retreat features all the essentials in a backyard oasis. From a cozy lounging area to the soothing sounds of a waterfall in the background, this retreat will pull your attention in all directions. The beautiful mature trees provide some privacy while the perennials provide pops of colors throughout. A very unique waterfall stands alone as a one of kind feature with lights to accent the beauty. A large elevated seating area provide ample space for lounging or dinning while the cedar pergola overhead will provide much needed shade in those sunny evenings. The interlock pavers are installed to display different texture and pattern options that may suit your vision. A retreat is not complete without lighting, our under cap lighting and garden lights will create a true outdoor living space that is your to enjoy well into the night. 


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about grow green

Grow Green is a landscaping and interlock services company built on one principle — do things right the first time. That’s because ensuring the satisfaction of Ottawa-area property owners is what has made us into the successful company we are today. We focus on even the smallest details, doing the work as if it were for our own homes or businesses, and working with property owners to not just meet needs, but to exceed expectations.
We’re proud to offer a wide variety of services designed to enhance the look, feel, and functionality of your property, therefore maximizing its potential. We work with residential and commercial property owners to realize their vision accurately and in a timely manner, fully insured for work on homes as well as insured and bonded for commercial properties.


Office/General Inquiry: 613-293-7667



Garden 3 – tHE bEE`S dREAM pALACE BY Life Long Landscaping


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The Bee’s Dream Palace was inspired by Canada’s vast unaltered and beautiful landscapes. Blending nature's best-kept secrets with the suburban backyard offers the best balance of choices for a tranquil and charming space. The harmony of running water, the melody of singing birds and the rustling of leaves in the breeze brings you back to simpler times.  


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Life Long Landscaping has been offering its services to the Ottawa region since 2010. We provide residential and commercial construction services and specialize in unique custom outdoor projects. All our projects are designed and built in-house with a focus on quality, budget and transparency. 
We are dedicated to hiring motivated, passionate and focused individuals. We believe that building long lasting relationships with our clients, employees, vendors and the community is the cornerstone of our business. We will continue to improve our methods, grow our relationships and provide the best possible service to our clients.


Primary/General Inquiry: (613) 864-2026 

Office: (613) 581-2252





GARDEN 4- expressions of an artistic garden by artistic landscape design  

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Artistic Gardens- whether a contemporary space or a traditional setting, stone faces become inseparable from nature and virtually blend into the scenery.

Unique, stylish and low maintenance ALD (Artistic Landscape Designs) seeks to expand garden spaces to be alluring, whimsical yet soothing timeless places.

Take a staycation or moments of quiet time daily in your Artistic garden.


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Since 1955, this family owned company has been at the cutting edge of landscape design and construction, transforming thousands of Ottawa area yards into breath taking works of art. In 1963 we started our own growing nursery to supply our landscape operations.  Due to a growing curiosity of local visitors, we felt compelled to open our nursery to the public. Company founders Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Schmitz and 4 children presided over the company from 1955 until its 50th anniversary in 2005. Since then Eva Schmitz (president) and Eckhart Schmitz (C.E.O.) have assumed leadership of the company.  Also crucial to our organization is our general Manager Mossy (Mostafa  Fallah). We gratefully acknowledge our dedicated staff for their enduring excellent service over many years.  Several have been with us for over 25 years. 

Our purpose is to educate home gardeners to produce long lasting beautiful gardens for their pleasure and enjoyment, whether the space is large or small.  This process incorporates functional and creative elements such as walks, patios, pools, ponds ect.  As in the past, we hope to continue in the educational process, which will provide you with new and stunning possibilities.


Office/General Inquiry: 613.733.8220


GARDEN 5 –   the Urban Backyard PRIME INTERLOCK 


PrimeInterlock (002)

Built on a 20x20 platform, this garden illustrates a beautifully functioning core with the possibility to easily customize and allow for whatever style of personal preference. With many options for privacy, flora and ease of maintenance, this design is a winner in today's landscape. 


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In today's changing landscape, we notice that there is a trend to fill a need in closely built areas, the requirement for low maintenance as well as privacy, while allowing the space to be simple yet beautiful in its architecture. From the classic design mixed with the most modern products available on the market today, we thought of the urban backyard. This incredibly functional and practical design allows for personal customization and desired level of maintenance, while staying market ready at a moments notice. The platform allows for features such as privacy panels to be easily added without digging holes, or perhaps replacing a lower garden with a hot-tub and pergola. One can`t go wrong in options and practicality. This type of layout also allows for smaller to medium sized spaces to be fully utilized at the lowest economical investment. 


Office/General Inquiry: 613-698-8523



GARDEN 6 –  iN the night garden...
  BY LIVING GREEN LANDSCAPING, Roger Willis Contracting, and cityscape

Living Green Landscape Roger WillisCityscape



Experience Living Landscapes like never before. In the Night Garden is set inside a massive blacked out pavillion. The stunning power of landscape lighting will let you experience the garden in a completely new way. This unique experience will enchant your senses as it transports you away to a warm spring evening in your own private paradise. 

Be inspired by the luxury you deserve to come home to as you converse at the dining table under a gently lit pergola, reflect by the fire dancing over the vanishing-edge pool, and relax on the sofas surrounded by incredible gardens aglow with light.

In the Night Garden is a co-creation of three award-winning Ottawa landscape companies: Cityscape, Living Green Landscaping, and Roger Willis Contracting. Are you ready to come home to your own private paradise? Do you want to make your outdoor living exceptional? Speak to us today and take the first step in transforming your landscape into the luxurious oasis you deserve.


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ABOUT Living Green Landscaping

At Living Green Landscaping, we care about people and are passionate about making a difference. We believe that exposure to the outdoors is a crucial part of making lives better. Now entering its third year, our Award-Winning company was created when three senior employees of Garden Creations acquired its portfolio of clients following the owners retirement. The professional staff of Living Green Landscaping provide exceptional property maintenance services, landscape design, garden installations, and custom seasonal planters and displays. We'll introduce you to the finest in garden luxury and help you love life outdoors.

Office/General Inquiry: 613-229-6511

about cityscape 

Cityscape is an award-winning site management company established in 1986 with a focus on preserving healthy, attractive, outdoor environments. Since 2010, Cityscape has acquired the longstanding businesses of Ottawa Irrigation, GreenScape Watering Systems, and Ottawa Landscape Lighting to expand their residential portfolio. Lighting can add not only beauty and elegance to a home, it can offer the safety and security that allow maximum use of space and accentuate architectural and landscaping features. Cityscape provides the highest quality, all-season site management and consulting services for many commercial and residential properties in the Ottawa area.

Office/General Inquiry: 613-726-7105


about roger willis contracting 

Award-winning outdoor luxury is what we do. Passionate experts are who we are.For over 38 years, Roger Willis Contracting has been shaping landscapes across eastern Ontario. We are masters at the art of working with water and our unique approach allows us to design and craft stunning custom  outdoor environments, luxurious swimming pools, spas, water features and landscaping. Our team of professionals have the technical skill and unmatched attention to detail to handle the most complex projects. We excel at bringing life to any vision: from a complete backyard oasis to an infinity pool to a simple, elegant landscaped patio.

Office/General Inquiry: 613-489-2882

GARDEN 7 –   the Outside-Inner Court by wILD rIDGE LANDSCAPes

Wild Ridge


This garden is a unique study of contrasts: Outside-inside, natural-contemporary, urban-wild and bold sweeps of color combined with subtle variations of the same pallet.  The idea is to take you on a journey of discovery and share with you the unlimited range of environments a "living landscape" can offer.  Natural stone, solid wood, chunky columns and soft greenery all combine to make the "Outside-Inner Court" a space in which to feel at home.


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ABOUT WildRidge landscapes

Wild Ridge Landscapes is an Ottawa based team that takes great pride in creating beautiful outdoor spaces.  Rooted in design excellence, we take a professional and quality-first approach to building and maintaining landscapes for discerning clients. We believe well designed outdoor spaces are key for enhancing quality of life.


Office/General Inquiry: 613-854-9453
Facebook: Wild Ridge Landscapes Inc.
Instagram: @wildridgelands