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Ottawa Safety Surfacing

40 Meadowbreeze Drive
ottawa ON
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Company Description:

Ottawa Safety Surfacing offers Rubacrete rubber coatings that protect your surfaces making them anti slip while giving them a clean attractive look at the same time. From cracking concrete/asphalt, lifting interlock or slabs around the pool our wet poured and troweled in place rubber granules will fill in the voids and bring you back to a flush surface that will last a decade+. Rubber coatings have been on the Canadian market for 30years with original jobs still down today & with serving the Ottawa area for over 7+ years in the rubber coating industry we are confident in giving you a product that will last and leave you with no headaches for years to come.


Application areas?
-Rubacrete can be installed over the following substrates Concrete, Asphalt, Wood, Aluminum, Crushed stone. Common areas include: Garage, Driveawy, Pool, Steps, Decks, Patios, Walkways, Gym areas, Sports facilities, Playgrounds.

How does it stand up to Canada's winters?
- Rubacrete can flex over two inches before tearing which allows it to expand and contract with our freeze thaw cycle, it is strong enough to have your contractor plow your driveway or use shovels on the steps. Salt does not harm it & ice melter does not stain it.

Does the rubber fade over time?
- Rubacrete uses 100% epdm UV stable rubber granules which are coloured all the way through promising a vibrant colour that will not fade over the years.

How thick is Rubacrete installed?
- Rubacrete is installed at a minimum of 1/4 inch up to as think as needed to relevel uneven areas.

Show Specials:

Garage & Driveway Special, was $8.00 sqft now $5.50 sqft installed with a 10 year warranty. Pool special, was $14.00 sqft now $10.00 sqft installed with a 10 year warrenty.


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