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Unidem Sales Inc.

Unidem Sales Inc.
Booth: 16; 1734; 2

Company Description:

Our Company UNIDEM Sales Inc. was incorporated in 1986. We have found each year was built on the success of the last. UNIDEM Sales Inc. is in the enviable position of being associated with the best companies in the industry for both supply and distribution. It is because of our industry contacts, our sales people, the products and the latest in show equipment. We continue to thrive and lead the way in a very competitive market.

We are not only the largest and most successful Demonstration company in Ontario, our products can be found at consumer shows life Home Shows, local fairs, health shows, wood shows, and mall shows throughout Canada and the USA. People always ask us “IF your products are so good why don’t you sell them in stores?” Our response is that WE SELL AT HOME SHOWS… Because that’s where the people are. We work on volume sales.

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