The Backyard Bash: Is Your Home Ready?

Mar 21, 2017
Summertime is the season of warm weather, sprawling patios, and a smoky barbecue! What better way to celebrate this sunny season than throwing an outdoor party? Host guests in style with these do-it-yourself ideas to transform your backyard into a party-ready venue. Whether you’re having some friends over for dinner, throwing a barbecue, or planning an outdoor meal with your family, make your next outdoor party a night to remember!


Brighten your backyard
Lighting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to enhance your yard for an outdoor party! Install outdoor lighting along your stairs and walkways to alleviate any tripping hazards. If those areas do not have any available outlets, not to worry! Your local hardware store will have plenty of battery-operated or solar lighting options, which require no wiring. For a more decorative approach to lighting, consider adding ambience through all-weather garden torches, string lights or mason jars with flameless candles.


Set up seating
While your party guests will be up and about throughout the night, it’s always nice to have a place to rest and eat. Before your guests start to arrive, make sure your yard is equipped with plenty of seating options. Give those outdated folding chairs that have been stashed away in your basement a brand-new makeover with some spray paint to match your entertainment décor. Too many guests and not enough seats? Renting can be a surprisingly cost-effective option with folding chairs starting at $2 a piece.


Plan for Pests
Very few things are more annoying than dodging bugs and swatting the air to shoo away pests, especially when trying to enjoy a party with your friends- not to mention the havoc they wreak on food and drinks. Empty the rain gutters and drain the kiddie pool before your guests come over as standing water serves as the breeding area for mosquitos. Consider bug repellent options like burning citronella or plugging in fans to blow away any pesky insects and always have ample amounts of bug spray or wipes for guests to use.


Perfect your perennials
Deadhead your bushes and blooms to improve both the look and performance of your plants. Removing any dried up leaves and flowers will quickly enhance the appearance of your garden and you will be later rewarded when they re-bloom stronger and healthier in time for your next backyard event.

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