DIY Tips to Get Your Backyard Summer Ready

Mar 23, 2017
After a long winter with plenty of snow and below-freezing temperatures, nothing sounds better than lounging around a sunny backyard surrounded by striking flowers and stunning greenery. Although your yard may currently look like it is in a state of chaos, a little elbow grease and DIY tricks will get you well on your way to your very own summer oasis. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, these gardening tips are sure to remedy the winter damage and help bring your yard back to life.


Inspect your plants
Harsh winter weather can cause severe damage to your foliage. Take the time to remove any broken branches or brown, dying plants that didn’t survive the winter. Consider pruning the lower trees and shrubs (leave the tall ones to the landscape specialists) to give them a cleaner shape and strengthen their branches. A little TLC to your garden will do wonders to the health and appearance of your landscaping.

Lawn Care
Lush, emerald-green grass surrounding your house will significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. Spring is the perfect time to re-seed and re-sod those brown patches of grass that have been damaged by the elements. With your soil being compacted by the thick layers of snow and ice, consider renting an aerator, which will penetrate the soil and roots.

Handle the hardscape
Winter weather can have adverse effects on outdoor surfaces like stones, patios and decks. Before any summer entertaining takes place in your backyard, be sure to check the quality of these areas and repair anything that could be seen as a safety hazard.

Add some colour
Make your garden the focal point of your yard with a multitude of colourful flowers. To ensure they live a long life, make sure you’re getting the right plants for the environment they’ll be planted in. When shopping for plants, check with nursery experts to see which flowers will thrive in the specific lighting conditions, climate and soil found in your backyard. If you’re not quite ready to dig into the soil yet, planting containers are a simple way to add vibrancy and variety to your outdoor space.

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